Snack your Age

Posted by Lisette Howard on

Let’s be honest, kids have all the fun.  From recess to playdates, the thought crosses our mind regularly:  “I wanna be a kid again!”.  Here at Sunnie, we’re giving you permission to jump in with both hands and a mouthful of guacamole. One thing we can all agree on is that you’re never too big for delicious, and we have so many people tell us “hey, wait a minute - these are too good to be just for kids!”  We agree.

Age appropriate snacking is SO last year. Eat how you feel inside: playful, healthy, full-of-life. Throw away that sleeve of raw almonds. Ditch the dried fruit.  Grab a pack of fresh, nutritious, nestled-in-nostalgia Sunnie and Snack Your Age.

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