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Our Story

Sunnie Co-Founders Katy Tucker and Lisette Howard are really into food. You might say that their friendship simmered over their mutual love of all things culinary. Both love cooking  — especially for their families — yet both utterly loathe packing lunches. When it came to their kids’ lunches, each day felt like climbing a mountain. Some days, they’d make it to the summit and other days — most days — well, they didn’t.

As they sat in Katy’s kitchen lamenting the state of convenient kids’ lunches, as well as the fact that Lisette’s son had recently become obsessed with pre-packed meals whose ingredients left a bad taste in both moms’ mouths, they joked about how awesome it would be if there were a healthy alternative on the market. The pair recognized the genius of the concept, of course, but cringed at the label on existing products. And they suddenly realized that they had a viable solution in front of them — one that could make a difference for a huge number of families.

They knew right off the bat that they didn’t want to create another kids’ product that claimed to be healthy but was, in fact, just a lot of over-processed junk. “We wanted to be a disruptor in the kids’ food space: Minimal foods, minimal processing, real food, the way it should be. Period,” says Katy. “We’re never going to waver on that.”

So, they partnered with one of the country’s leading pediatric nutrition experts: Jill Castle, MS, RDN. With Jill’s help, they’ve been able to develop a product with a clean label that they can feed kids (their own included) with a clear conscience.

The name Sunnie was chosen to convey the feeling sparked by a well-balanced, nutritious meal: Sunnie meals help kids shine from the inside out. Sunnie also happens to be the name of Katy’s grandma, who brought sunshine everywhere she went. Grandma Sunnie (who lived to be 100!) was utterly devoted to real, unprocessed foods. Katy and Lisette know that she would approve of what they’re feeding the Sunnie family.

In fact, Katy and Lisette really believe that all families deserve to have a little Sunnie in their lives — even (maybe especially) those who can’t afford to buy it. So, they created the Spread Some Sunnie initiative. Learn more here.