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Snacks are always a good idea... This bundle includes our bestselling Hummus Dipper and Jam Dipper.

This bundle includes 8 snacks: 4 Hummus Dippers and 4 Jam Dippers.


Guac Dipper Ingredients:
Guacamole (Avocado*, Tomatillos*, Lime Juice*, Sea Salt, Dried Garlic*, Dried Onion*, Cumin*, Ascorbic Acid [Vitamin C] for freshness, Citric Acid), Crackers (Cassava Flour*, Avocado Oil*, Flaxseed*, Water, Coconut Sugar*, Sea Salt). ORGANIC*

Granola Bites Ingredients:
Blueberries, Granola (Gluten-free Oats*, Coconut Sugar*, Unrefined Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seeds*, Quinoa*, Chia Seeds*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt). *ORGANIC

Hummus Dipper Ingredients:
Hummus (Garbanzo Beans*, Tahini*, Lemon Juice*, Garlic*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Sea Salt, Cumin*, Black Pepper*) CRACKERS (Cassava Flour*, Avocado Oil*, Flax Seeds*, Coconut Sugar*, Sea Salt) *ORGANIC