Building Empowered Kids

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Why do all of our lunches feature a “build-your-own” concept? It’s a question that a lot of people ask us. There’s actually a very important reason and it ties back to our partnership with Jill Castle. Jill’s philosophy around feeding (and nourishing) young children revolves around this notion of building independence. Studies show that when children are “hands-on” with meal preparation (e.g. help to wash lettuce, pick herbs, set the table), they’re more engaged, more likely to eat what they’ve made, and generally on track for better eating habits in the long run. From the first time babies are given food in their high chairs, allowing them to feed themselves — as messy as it is —  is a fundamental milestone in learning to interact with food. Self-feeding sets the blueprint for independence and adventure with food as kids grow through toddlerhood and beyond.

Sunnie was built upon these positive principals. Each Sunnie lunch box is a “build-your-own” kit so that kids can do it their way: eat all the sauce with a spoon, nibble on some cheese, make a pizza slice, or skip the bread. We know how important it is for kids to do it themselves, and in their own way. At Sunnie, we support them 100%.

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