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The Science Behind Sunnie

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Organic fruits and seeds

How many times have you packed a lunch for your child and found him grouchy, tired, or — even worse — hangry after school? Figuring out what your 4-year-old “picky eater” will actually eat at school is like throwing darts at a board. Today, parents want to pack nutritious lunches for their children, but they’re crunched for time and unsure their little ones will actually eat it. Lunch is truly a mystery meal. You don’t really know what or how much she ate before racing off to play with friends.  

We’re moms like you, and just like you, we worry about whether our kids are getting the nutrition they need — especially at school. That’s why it’s important to us that Sunnie is research-based. Our product is rooted in understanding what will provide the best fuel (hello, balanced macronutrients!) to nourish children between the ages of 4 and 10, and help them thrive. The internet is overflowing with tips on how to prepare healthy lunches for kids and how to help them develop healthier eating habits and more sophisticated palates, but they all require a significant time investment, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed and guilty if they can’t follow through. At the same time, parents who pack lunches from home often miss important food groups like fruits and veggies, while over-doing crunchy snacks and sweet treats. The options for nutritious, delicious lunches that are attractive to on-the-go kids and parents are very limited, forcing parents to choose less-than-healthy options just because they are convenient and (sigh) desirable to their kids.

Since nutrition is a complex science, we felt it critical that we partner with one of the best and most well regarded pediatric dietitians that we could find. Enter Jill Castle, MS RDN. Jill’s 28 years of experience in feeding children and truly getting to the bottom of how to nourish kids from the inside out is what prompted our collaboration. Jill helped create the ideal framework for energy, nutrients, healthy fats, and sugars. 

What does that mean for parents and caretakers? It means that you can feel good knowing that your children are eating a balanced lunch without all the yucky stuff. You’re giving them exactly what they need to shine throughout the day.

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