The Science Behind Sunnie

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You know that feeling…head in a daze, pit in your stomach, slightly queasy and irritable?  Yep…you guessed it: hungry - or lovingly called “hangry” by people in our house.  And when it’s one of the kids - watch out, it’s not pretty.  When the morning hustle combines with a busy day ahead, the planning and preparation for a nutritious meal goes out the window for many of us.  To pile onto this, there is an overabundance of moments where snacks are needed (and nutritious ones are not available) and we wonder why.  We see this playing out in in these moments:

  1. Someone asks “can I have a snack?!” (every minute of every second of our lives, LOL)
  2. I’m in between calls, walking the dog, dropping a kid off and I’ve eaten nothing.  Clock says 11:33am
  3. Husband walks out of his office and peers into the fridge then at me and asks, is there anything I can grab to eat around here?
  4. The kids are headed from school to soccer practice and have the “after-school hangries”
  5. I’m the snack mom at the baseball game and it’s either Funions or Doritos (I can’t say yes to either, so what other options are there?)
  6. We’re heading out to run errands/see a friend/catch a flight and everyone is suddenly beyond hungry (...can’t make this stuff up!)

Snacking has become an important part of life these days because most of us don’t sit down to eat breakfast or lunch (tell me who has time for that? Okay, we kid).  It’s a new day out there and we wanted to come up with a solution that could feed you and your family at the pace of LIFE.  Not just a bar, not just a carb-ridden bag of crackers, but actual REAL FOOD that made you feel nourished, whole…or as we call it “sunnie”.  Our product is rooted in understanding what will provide the best fuel (hello, balanced macronutrients!) to nourish kids and grown ups alike.  Since nutrition is a complex science, we felt it critical that we partner with one of the best and most well regarded dietitians that we could find. Enter Sunnie Advisor, Jill Castle, MS RDN. Jill’s 30 years of experience and truly getting to the bottom of how to nourish your body for lasting energy is what prompted our collaboration. Jill helped create the ideal framework for energy, nutrients, healthy fats, and sugars. 

Say goodbye to packaged, sugar and sodium-filled pantry snacks. With Sunnie, snacks are easy, fast, fresh-from-your-fridge and always made with real, honest-to-goodness ingredients. From backpacks to boardrooms, our snacks feed the pickiest eaters and choosiest adults in your gang.

Snack Brighter.

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